PeakChain Pool

PeakChain Pool [PKCP] is a Cardano Staking Pool built and operated by the German based company PeakSoft GmbH

We are building PeakChain Connected Car Platforms on Cardano. Thus, delegating to our Staking Pool will help us further developing our products, supporting our educational content, and empowering the Cardano ecosystem.

For more information about our project and team, please visit our PeakChain Website and PeakSoft GmbH Website.

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Educational Content about Cardano

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Unlocking New Use Cases by Connecting Cars to the Cardano Blockchain

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Our PeakChain Pool Team


Oussama Benmahmoud

CEO of PeakSoft GmbH

Cardano enthusiast, Oussama is a Project Manager and Software Quality Assurance Expert with an exceptional experience in Connected Car Project by world leading car maker. Oussama is also a Plutus Pioneer


Abderrahim Issaoui

CTO of PeakSoft GmbH

Cardano enthusiast,  Abderrahim is a Lead Software Engineer with distinguished experience in Frontend Development . Abderrahim is also a Plutus Pioneer


Contact us

Dahler Str. 54, 42389 Wuppertal

+49 202 38487705

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